18 Points you should know about me before making Contact.

  • I don’t do Benny Hinn (why ?) Pay attention to the where and what it becomes in the introduction from Monastery to School.
  • I stand on the ROCK not the rock.
  • I Joined the Evangelism Committe the week I was saved.
  • My first Schooling on the word of God 101 was at 101 School St. in Shalom New Hampshire.
  • I am a former Catholic with Mormon Sister in law  who raised my nieces and nephews in it.
  • I fully love America it was destroyed by Ecumenicism and the compromise that comes with it.
  • I know who the angels are leaving behind. See point six. Psalm 79:4
  • What’s my delay? Referred to as dirtbag by a Reverend while carrying the light that made the crop circles because I didn’t do point one???
  •  When I compound the words Cat and holic agent Smith whose blocking the doors shows up.  5×5=25 x 3 =75 Psalm 75:1-10 listening is a big part of this. But first I must perform some delusion.
  • Which requires me to be a liar. See point one.
  • If you do contact me encouragement is a two way street.
  • I believe in tongues not ecstatic seminar learned speech where the undirscerning who do the same now tell me or another they now have the HOLY Spirit look no further.
  • I believe in the laying on of hands and the prayer of faith for healing when one stands in faith to request it from the eldership.
  • I don’t believe in Santa but I do believe in Satan.
  • I believe in the breaking of bread and communion with the saints not men who claim only they can determine who is one.  Psalm 56:1-2 KJV they gave us Psalm 56:1-2 NASB.
  • No one knows who their enemies are any more or who are their friends. I know.
  • I believe in God, guns amd America and it isn’t obvious enough that I know HIM, they want me to do point one or be like them follow the image of the one with all the precious stones.
  • If I or another end up in hell it may be because we have friends who love Jesus the little rock.

This concludes the 18 points I am a truck driver (19)  who drives an 18 wheeler Psalm 18 is the trucker’s Psalm. There is a horn, a deliverer and a buckler found within it.

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